Business Process Improvement Office

Python Meeting

The Business Process Improvement Office (BPIO) resides within the Administration division and uses data analytics and automation, user-centered design, and strategic pipeline partnerships to improve efficiency in each division at DGS.

Our mid- to long-term focus for the agency revolves around the following key initiatives :

1) Becoming an entirely paperless agency: using web-based, automation software to increase efficiency and accountability in all DGS government processes by the year 2024

2) Partnering with local stakeholders to increase problem-solving capacity: developing and managing a multi-year talent pipeline with research and academic institutions, nonprofits, startups

3) Automating and documenting frequent reports: using Python to automate and document regularly occurring reports such as Outcome Budget Reports

4) Establishing Python as the lingua franca in city government:  supporting a language of use as part of our work ecosystem and as the lingua franca for government process improvement