Business Process Improvement Office

The Business Process Improvement Office (BPIO) improves division operations by streamlining processes, exposing inefficiencies and introducing new standard procedures. Creating the optimal process environment is the mission of the team.

The BPIO not only engages with divisions to find potential projects but also accepts project requests. Project requests are submitted after completion of the request form found here. Please complete the form to the best of your ability – it is important that the BPIO understands the nature of the request.

The requestor is required to provide project information. The list below will provide some insight as to what information is necessary to submit a project request:

Requestor information. The requestor must provide their name, position, and the specific division in which they are employed. An email and work phone number must also be provided for the individual designated as a project contact point. This contact must be available to provide information throughout the project lifecycle to expedite the improvement project duration.

Problem. Specific details must be delivered to clearly paint the picture of the problem. This includes a description of the problem, stakeholders and an explanation as to why the problem exists. It is important to describe the impact, including descriptive factors such as frequency and cost of resources (time, money, etc.). Being specific and thorough will enhance the BPIO’s understanding of the problem. If the project identifies with any city, department or division KPIs, this section is a good location to discuss that content.

Solution. Often times, the process actors can recognize a clear and obvious solution. If there is recognition of a solution, please provide insight on your perspective.

Due to limited resources, the BPIO will not be able to accept all projects. Not all projects can be expected to be addressed in the immediate future. The team uses a priority matrix that aligns city-wide, department and division KPI’s to prioritize projects by criticality. An estimation of project deployment will be provided within one week of when the request was made.