DGS Administration Division

As the principal management and leadership wing, the Administration Division uses its executive authority to sustain the vision and mission of the Department. The Administration Division is responsible for fiscal management, human resources, historic property preservation, real estate portfolio oversight, space planning, telecommunications, information technology, tracking facilities maintenance work orders, and promoting public communications in support of the DGS mission to serve the general public and its inter-agency partners. 

Data accuracy, used to improve the decision-making process, is an integral part of supporting the DGS mission. The Administration Division, to assist in tracking facilities maintenance orders, implemented Archibus, a management tool, to enforce accountability and improve data accuracy. With Archibus, DGS can track building needs and repairs to provide a safe, clean and comfortable working environment for City agencies while holding our employees responsible for their role.

Under the general direction of the Director, and within the framework of established policies and objectives the Fiscal Office oversees all financial operations including accounts receivable and payable, payroll, fee schedules, billing and collections, purchasing, and inventory control. Through its actions and policies, the Fiscal Office often charts the course for many of the Department’s activities,  responsible for ensuring that the results of operations sustain effective policies.  

The Information Technology Section is responsible for the efficient dissemination of computer hardware, software, and offering maintenance to support the Department of General Services.  The Section is also responsible to act as a liaison with the Mayor’s Office of Information Technology(MOIT), vendors, and end users that provide services necessitated by the Department.

The Telecommunications Section is responsible for all aspects of telephony and cell phone provisioning.  This includes deploying telephone hardware,  landlines, or cellular service (s) for employees, elevators within City-owned buildings, and security monitoring under the DGS purview. Additional duties include continuous auditing of invoices and presentation of telephone service requests (TSRs) to the Office of the Comptroller Department of Communication Services which actuates repairs, installations, and invoicing to City agency customers.