Ready, Set, Hire Job Fair!

Ready Set Hire

"DGS alongside Rec and Parks put on a one day hiring event in Park Heights "

On Saturday April 14th, DGS alongside Rec and Parks and DHR hosted Ready, Set, Hire a one day job fair. DGS was looking to fill Fleet Management and Facilities Maintenance positions, and we recieved over 47 qualified applicants the day of the event.  We wanted to thank our Administration Team who organized this event with our city partners Tereina Thomas, Catherine Burns, and Alison Lynch. We would also like to thank all the staff who came out on their weekened to be a part of our interview panels and who assisted in the event: Kurt Brown, Terrel Chesson, Charles Claridy, Wycliffe Essles, Nick Fontanez, Reginald Frederick ,Erica Gee, John Habicht, Joe Hicks, Anna Hough, Terry Howell, Micheal Jones, Aaron Lee, Tom Locklear, Jason Ludd, Karl Rusk , Robert Schley , Samara Singletary, Erick Smith, Tiffany Williams, Antwan Wilson, and Carole Young.

Since the event in early April we have brought on 7 new DGS employees from the pool of applicants at Ready, Set, Hire! 

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