Capital Project Requests

Capital Project Request Diagram

Download the Capital Project Request Form: Word or PDF formats
Download the Standard Operating Procedure - Project Request Form: PDF format  

If your agency is considering a renovation or alteration of an existing City-owned building or is considering a move to a different City building, the Major Projects Division may be able to assist your agency in assessing these goals.    So that Major projects may best serve you, please take the time to fill out a Capital Project Request Form by downloading the document located at the bottom of this page, titled Capital Project Request Form.doc, and submit your completed request to us via email here.
Please note that all required fields (indicated by *) must be filled out before the project request will be reviewed by DGS. If the required fields are not filled out completely, the requesting agency will be notified that no action will be taken on the request until the required information is provided.

When submitting a Capital Project Request Form, please note the following:

A.   A capital project:

  1. is a project for which the proposed work (design and construction) exceeds $50,000; and
  2. refers to projects involving new construction, alteration, or renovation of all or part of an existing City facility. Costs that may be used to determine whether the project cost exceeds $50,000 include the cost of land acquisition, engineering and/or architectural services, and/or construction services to be performed on the project.

B.   Projects that are for basic repairs or maintenance of a building or space within a building are not typically considered capital projects and cannot be funded as such. Please contact a Service Request Liaison to address projects of this nature.

Finally, not all Capital Project Requests will be approved. While a project may appear to be a capital project, projects that appear to satisfy (a) and (b) above may, upon further investigation, not meet the criteria for a capital project. Submitting a Capital Project Request Form does not guarantee the project will be undertaken by the Major Projects Division.