DGS Welcomes the Energy Office Back

Department of General Services would like to welcome Julia Kalloz, Deputy Chief of Energy, and Mark Benson, Energy Program Manager, to the team! As part of DGS, the Energy Office will continue to work diligently to help make Baltimore a more energy efficient city.

What does the Energy Office do exactly? They identify and manage energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for City buildings. By pursuing grants from the Maryland Energy Administration, Maryland Department of Environment, and through financing structures, the Office is able to enact various initiatives that allow the city to be more energy efficient while saving money in the process. Funds go to installing LED light bulbs, insulation, and HVAC equipment.

The Office also tracks energy usage of the City buildings and facilities, and purchases energy in collaboration with the Baltimore Regional Cooperative Purchasing Committee and through renewable energy agreements.

Current Energy projects include the completion of an Energy Performance Contract that covers the installation of new lighting at the Maryland Zoo, efficiency work recently completed  at 1200 E. Fayette St. as part of a larger Capital Project, and DPW-specific measures at Ashburton and Montebello Water Treatment Plants.

Because energy is involved in many decisions, particularly when discussing building design, maintenance, and maintenance prevention, the Energy Office looks to engage with all functions of Baltimore City, and with its customers, allowing everyone to do their jobs better. We are very excited to see what the Energy Office will achieve!

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