DGS Announces the Creation of the Energy Division

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Imani Edwards


The Energy Division is responsible for energy purchasing, tracking energy cost-savings, and renewable and energy-efficient projects for the City of Baltimore.

Baltimore, MD - The Baltimore Department of General Services (DGS) announces the creation of the Energy Division. Once a part of the DGS Capital Projects and Energy Division, the Energy Division is responsible for energy purchasing strategies, utility account management, renewable energy projects, and energy-efficiency projects. Its goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of Baltimore City facilities and fleets and secure clean, affordable, and safe energy sources to support City services. Like many cities across the country, Baltimore City’s energy costs are high, but each unit of energy saved is another dollar that can go into services for Baltimore residents.

The Division will work with City agencies and DGS divisions to support the growth of electric vehicles, increased purchase of renewable energy, and a key focus on energy efficiency as the central foundation for energy management.

The Energy function in DGS has participated in several energy-related projects since November 2019, including:

  • Securing $1.3 million in grant funding for electrical vehicle deployment, lighting replacements, envelope measures, and HVAC improvements
  • Collaborating with DPW to develop a solar photovoltaic project at the Montebello Water Treatment Plant
  • Working with Parking Authority on a LED lighting retrofit for parking garages
  • Tracking more than $350,000 in cost avoidance and bill refunds from identifying tax assessment errors, bill reading errors, and identifying accounts that were not subscribed to the most cost-effective rates

The Division will be launching the Baltimore Energy Data Initiative, led by Energy Program Manager Danielle Tyeryar, which is a refresh of how the City manages energy data – by first validating accounts, then benchmarking buildings internally and against national peers, and setting a building performance standard for municipal buildings.

The Department of General Services performs an array of functions with the goal of supporting the work and services of Baltimore City agencies. The sole purpose of our department's existence is to empower City agencies to serve Baltimore residents at the highest levels of customer service.

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