DGS is Winter Ready

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Imani Edwards


The Department of General Services is ready to keep Baltimore running through snowy weather.

Baltimore, MD - With the winter season a little over a month away, the Baltimore Department of General Services is already deep into our snowy weather preparations. The Fleet Management Division is finishing up preventative maintenance assessments on City snow vehicles, while the Facilities Maintenance Division is gearing up to handle snow removal at City properties across Baltimore.

Fleet Management Snow Assessments

While the rest of Baltimore was in the midst of summer and fielding hot weather, DGS Fleet Management was already looking ahead to wintertime. We officially began performing preventative maintenance assessments (called snow PMs) on snow vehicles on June 27th, 2022. From dump trucks to pick-up trucks, a total of 296 City vehicles are involved in a thorough seasonal assessment by our team so that these vehicles are ready to treat the roads for ice and snow removal.

Facilities Maintenance Snow Removal

The DGS Facilities Maintenance Team is consistently monitoring the forecast in preparation for snow removal at City of Baltimore facilities. The agency will be working alongside our vendors, Lorenz, Inc. and C&W Services, to remove snow and ensure access to City buildings is safe and uninterrupted for employees and Baltimore residents. These buildings include:

  • The downtown municipal campus
  • Baltimore Police Districts
  • Health Centers located at 1001 and 1200 E. Fayette Street
  • Civil War Museum and the Star-Spangled Banner Flag House
  • Community Action Centers

General Services’ goal is to ensure that City operations do not stop during snow emergencies and that our customer agencies are able to continue to serve Baltimore residents all year long. Thank you to our customer agencies for their continued partnership. Baltimore City is officially winter-ready!

The Department of General Services performs an array of functions with the goal of supporting the work and services of Baltimore City agencies. The sole purpose of our department's existence is to empower City agencies to serve Baltimore residents at the highest levels of customer service.

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