City Seeking To Improve Health Access And Opportunities For Vulnerable Citizens With Proposed New Health Center Purchase

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND August 12, 2015 – The City of Baltimore is in discussions to purchase a new health center located at 1200 E. Fayette Street to replace Eastern Health Center at 620 N. Caroline Street. The new health center would improve resident access to high quality, modern healthcare in a code compliant, more welcoming and healthy environment, with opportunities for expanded services.

The Board of Estimates approved and authorized the execution of an Option Agreement with the Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Inc. owner, for the purchase of the property. This gives the City the exclusive right to purchase the health center. The option agreement provides 30 days to finalize the purchase and an additional 15 days to close.

The current health clinic is 75 years old and has received few upgrades over the years. The building was not built to the standards of a modern health center. The Department of General Services (DGS) and the Baltimore City Health Department (BCHD) have been looking for an opportunity to provide an improved health center, but renovations were estimated to cost 10+ million dollars.

Working in collaboration, the BCHD and DGS identified the facility located at 1200 E. Fayette Street. Together, they have determined this site to be an ideal location to house the health services of the Eastern Health Center and additional administrative functions. This site would provide the welcoming environment that the residents and center staff deserve, and would allow BCHD to expand their services further into the community. The newly proposed location is also ideally located, near the current Eastern Health Center and numerous public transit options.

“DGS’s commitment to working in collaboration with other City agencies and philanthropists has enabled us to secure a modern health facility to meet the needs of Baltimore’s citizenry,” said Steve Sharkey, Director of DGS. “The Health Department, City’s Real Estate office, Planning Commission, and the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Inc. have been instrumental in making this opportunity a reality.”

The Department of General Services is committed to providing healthy work environments and safe reliable vehicles for City employees by delivering high quality and cost-effective support services to City agencies who serve Baltimore’s citizens and stakeholders.

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