Director Day – Fleet PM Shop

Director Day – Fleet PM Shop

Recently, the Director, Steve Sharkey, spent the day working at the DGS Preventative Maintenance (PM) Truck Repair shop.  A "PM" is when a vehicle is brought in, repaired, and checked proactively. A long checklist is examined and small problems are located and addressed before they become large problems. DGS was having trouble completing truck PMs in a fast and efficient manner. To combat this, DGS created the PM shop, a group of 5 employees dedicated to completing PMs. Each day, these employees perform PMs on the load packers that clean up parks, the dump trucks that fix the streets, and the trucks that repair the water pipes to provide running water and warm showers to City residents. Keeping these trucks moving is important work, just like all of the work that DGS employees do.

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