Employee Spotlight: Sagirah Jackson

The recently married Mrs. Sagirah Jackson is an Architect for the City of Baltimore in the Department of General Services. She was born and raised in northeast Baltimore in the Hamilton/Lauraville neighborhood. Sagirah graduated from Mergenthaler Vocational Technical High School (MERVO) where she studied drafting and did a work study program at Baltimore Gas & Electric and was the youngest and only female in the Architecture program.

After high school Sagirah attended Morgan State University in Baltimore where she majored in Architecture and Environmental Design. She started with the Department of General Services in the fall of 2013 as an Architect in the Archibus Office. Sagirah is a woman of integrity who displays professionalism, along with having a warming spirit to all who interacts with her. She is family oriented, and enjoys spending time with her beautiful daughter and husband.

Sagirah joined the City because she is a Baltimore native and her goal is to make Baltimore a better place. Reflecting on public service, Sagirah said that “she wants to give back to her community by preserving our common assets, history and culture.” She believes that our community spaces and public buildings are resources for community building.

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