Director Day - Courthouse East

Last week the Director of the Department of General Services had the pleasure of working with Will Carrington, the Building Maintenance Coordinator in Courthouse East. The Courthouse is a huge building and Will takes care of it.

Each day, Will begins by reviewing the most important areas in the Courthouse East building and fixes any issues that arise. He the moves on to address repairs and to direct contractors to fix anything needed throughout the day. On this day, Will and the Director changed lightbulbs, replaced paper towel holders, and assisted the HVAC contractor on-site. 

Will loves his job; he gets to work with his hands and has to be creative to solve problems. Will lives in Baltimore and has worked at the Courthouse for 9 years.

The work that DGS performs is important. The work allows trials to be held, the City to open each day and keeps the important vehicles that do the City’s business on the road.

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