Spotlight: Shaquita Gause

Shaquita Gause was raised in Baltimore with an older brother. She lived throughout Baltimore in her childhood and attended the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute where she studied engineering. Ms. Gause was drawn to engineering due to a family history in the construction field.

Shaquita then attended Morgan State University where she originally pursued Civil Engineering but changed her major when Morgan began a new Construction Management program.

After completing college Shaquita was hired by the Department of General Services. At the time she was also being courted by the University of Maryland, but realized when meeting on-site at a fire station that working for the City has meaning and that she feels like she is “doing her part.”

In five years Shaquita hopes to have earned her Master’s Degree in Business Administration and to grow professionally in her position with DGS.

Shaquita likes to spend her free time with her family, friends, and church community, specifically the dance ministry.

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