Victor Hood: DGS August 2016 Employee of the Month!

Mr. Hood has been working for the City of Baltimore Fleet Management for about 20 years. He enjoys the work in the Fleet division because he loves working with his hands, fixing things that are broken.

Victor keeps himself motivated each day to come to work and do his best, even after nearly 20 years, because he is very passionate about the task he is performing. He also appreciates that he has job security which makes it all worth it.

His fondest memories at the City are the annual cookouts. He likes them because they provide an opportunity to interact with other employees, not as co-workers, but as friends.

Victor has a small family, but he also has many friends that he considers extended family.

If Victor could change the world he would want everyone to come together as a whole and be unified and practice saying “Do unto others as you want done unto you”.

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