Employee of the Month: February

Congratulations Reginald Winchester: You are the February 2017 DGS Employee of the Month!

Reginald “Reggie” Winchester is one of Fleet Management’s hardworking Automotive Mechanics. He started with DGS as a work study student back in 1997 where he worked in the different shops before ending up in the Truck Shop at the former Central Garage, 101 Dickman Street. Reggie currently performs exemplary service as a Truck Brake Mechanic.

Reggie’s supervisor, Rob Schley, says that he “is a quiet person but he is also extremely dependable and able to work under pressure to get the job done.”

His favorite part of his job is being around his co-workers. He also enjoys being around people and customers.

Reggie’s best accomplishment is that he was one of the first apprentices from Baltimore City Public Schools Edmonson Westside High School when they inaugurated the program. He takes pride in the fact that he has grown while at Fleet and has moved up to the status of automotive mechanic.

Reggie has two daughters, aged 20 and four. He lives in Edmonson Village.

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