DGS’s March 2017 Employee of the Month: Erica Gee

Erica Gee

Erica Gee was an employee of DGS for nearly 13 years. A human resources star in the Administration Division, her kindness and dedication bettering the lives of everyone around her shone through each day. Now, as she moves on to another City agency to further her career, she takes with her many memories and past successes of the projects she took on. Her memorable smile and laugh will be sure to find the hearts of her new co-workers.

Erica has been with DGS for her entire City career. She decided to go into HR because she enjoys helping people. She said, “Helping people was always something I wanted to do. When I was younger I wanted to help children, and, as a minister, of course I want to help those who may be lost. Within the HR profession I can support people to be the best they can at their jobs.”

For Erica, working in the HR office is a combination of what she wanted to do career wise, but also because she worked with some really great people who are more like family than co-workers. She is a part of a team that supports one another which made more pleasant to commute to work each day.

Erica’s outside interest includes her enjoyment of karaoke music and she loves R&B and Gospel. Whitney Houston is her favorite artist.

The Department thanks you Erica for all of your hard work and dedication to excellence through your years of service. The best of luck with your future endeavors! You will be missed.

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