Data Drives Kagesta “K” Campbell

K Campbell Award

Kagesta “K” Campbell won the Golden Circle award for leading the charge in becoming a truly data driven agency. Through her motivational and leadership skills, K was able to lead her team to not only a nomination, but a win.

She was a key factor in implementation and execution of data tools. Although extremely challenging at times, K feels proud of her work.

“I would say overall I’ve made our director and my manager, Gary Holland, who selected me, very proud. I feel like we’re making history with the company. I feel another level of motivation along with incorporating my team. We want to take our investment to the next level and I want to ensure that DGS will always remain at the top.”

K’s team has seen significant growth over the past few years and subsequently has renamed and identified themselves as the Information Systems Management Team. This change resulted from managing and assisting with other systems such as Pictometry, GIS, and FMS along with integrating other systems that are connected to the main facilities database.  

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