DGS’s April 2017 Employee of the Month!


Congratulations to Renee Taylor, the April 2017 Employee of the Month. Renee Taylor has been with the City of Baltimore for 39 years. She has been with the Department of General Services since August 2011. Renee began working with the City as a receptionist for the Bureau Head of Highway Administration in DPW, what is now DOT. She managed the engineering schedules within the bureau. Additionally, when Renee began her career with the City she used typewriters to complete tasks and daily work. In the 1980s the staff was given a week of training to learn how to use computers. She said that she has seen a number of changes going back to the Schaefer administration.

Outside of work, Renee volunteers in her community. She finds fulfillment in her duties as a Eucharistic Minister for St. Mary’s of Govans where she serves communion to churchgoers. She likes to work in her garden and plant flowers. Renee also enjoys weekly family dinners with her two adult children, one a Comcast technician, the other a school teacher.

Each Day Renee relishes tackling the challenges she faces related to her work and that of the Director’s staff. At the end of each day she feels a real sense of accomplishment and pride in her work. Her Employee of the Month nominator said “Renee always provides high quality customer service, she is very friendly, efficient, and follows up on issues to make sure things are done right and on time.”

The nominator continued, “Positive attitude always. Renee is courteous and pleasant. She has a smile always and is willing to help and go the extra mile.”

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