DGS’s May 2017 Employee of the Month!

Congratulations to Kimberly Steele, the May 2017 Employee of the Month. Kim Steele Office is a Support Specialist II at Fleet. She has been with the City of Baltimore for more than 37 years. She has worked with Fleet Management during her entire tenure with the City.

Kim comes to work each day to enjoy the social interaction, the laughter, and the joy of accomplishment. Chichi Nyagah-Nash and Bob Gibson give her a sense of belonging and keeps her busy. She also gets a lot of support from other supervisors and employees.

Kim is the type of person who does a lot for others because that’s how her parents raised her - to help others. Her current job allows her to do more than her previous roles with the City. Kim loves what she’s doing. She is excited about her work and though it’s tiresome sometimes, she hunkers down and does what she must.

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