DID YOU KNOW…Peale Museum

DGS owns the first purpose built museum in the western hemisphere? The Peale Museum is across the street from the Abel Wolman building and was built in 1814 by the Peale family of artists. It was the first city hall and the first public school in Maryland open to African American students. It was an active museum up until 1997. Now, DGS has partnered with a private non-profit called “The Peale Center” to restore and reopen the building for the public.

Phase 1 of the restoration is underway and includes the roof replacement, chimney repair, masonry restoration, gutters, and downspouts. The next priority will be to repair and preserve the windows and exterior woodwork. This is to be followed by the interior renovations including the addition of an elevator, new restrooms, new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, a small kitchen, plaster and paint repair. All proposed work complies with historic preservation standards. A big thank-you goes to everyone in the Capital Projects and Facilities Maintenance Divisions who have helped with this project.

Once open, the building will host a series of engaging programs to re-invent the concept of the museum for the 21st century. Throughout the year there will be rotating exhibits featuring local artists, storytellers, musicians, and performers. Check out: http://www.thepealecenter.org/.

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