DGS’s June 2017 Employee of the Month!

June Employee of the Month

Krystal Saunders was recently named the June Employee of the Month. She has been working for the City of Baltimore for 20 years. Her first position was working on employee benefits in HR.

Since her career began, Krystal has had the same spunk and sense of humor. She is proud of her work and how she goes about her daily tasks. She said, “I strategize how to put together everything and complete the job as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Outside of work, Krystal enjoys shopping. She especially likes to go out to the stores to touch the items she is going to purchase in person, something that is impossible through online shopping. When she isn’t working, or shopping, she is at home spending time with her husband and son.

Krystal is fueled to come into work each day by the great people she works with. “We have a great group of people. I have no complaints, and I love my section; everything has been great.”

When asked what she would change about the world, Krystal said she simply stated, “The hatred.” She went on and explained that terrorist acts and the wars would be something she would change.

The final thing Krystal shared about herself was that she is, “a damn hard worker!”

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