Introducing DGS’s Information Systems Management Team!

Information Systems Management Team

The Information Systems Management Team (ISMT) works “to sustain reliable and efficient data for the Department of General Services’ municipal agencies; ISMT also manages and maintains assets, through information technologies and operational analysis.” ISMT is comprised of a six person team and led by its capable manager, Kagesta Campbell. 

The team focuses on several aspects of the day-to day tasks for DGS’s building operations, including On-Demand Work, Preventive Maintenance, Space Inventory, Mobile Applications, and Emergency Preparedness.

The ISMT is working tirelessly building a Pictometry system which will greatly help the City by creating virtual walkthroughs for all Internal Service Fund Buildings. They are also assisting with the development of a DGS Intranet site through the use of SharePoint. The site will house internal data such as forms and department information at a central location for Fleet Management, Facilities Maintenance, Major Projects, Human Resources, and other administrative segments. 

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