BPIO speaks at BIW17

The DGS Business Process Improvement Office presented at Baltimore Innovation Week’s Dev Talks.  The topic was “How We Disrupted Facility Maintenance.”  Babila and Varghese discussed the Mobile Maintenance Pilot which has been running with Delmar and Sergio for nearly a year.  Showing the tech community in Baltimore that DGS is taking strides to make the team innovative and more effective.  They discussed the massive amounts of time that were saved due to removing the non-value added time from the way craftsmen receive their work orders and dispatch.  Babila and Varghese also discussed the software rollout and the importance of testing in the Software Development Life Cycle.  This presentation was extremely well received, Baltimore Innovation Week allowed DGS to go over an extra 10 minutes to answer questions from the audience.  And during the breaks, several attendees reached out to Babila and Varghese to further discuss how DGS is making government processes more modern.

It was a highlight of the event.  Click here to view the video that has also been shared on our Facebook Page.


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