DGS Supports Project Homeless Connect

Baltimore Project Homeless Connect, in conjunction with Mission of Mercy Vision and Dental Clinic, held its annual 2-day event at the Baltimore Convention Center on October 12th and 13th. This event, sponsored by multiple city agencies, including DGS and the Mayor’s Office, was initiated to reduce barriers for services to Baltimore’s most vulnerable population. During this event, over 1000 guests received dental care such as extractions, cleanings, and oral surgery, and vision services encompassing prescription glasses cut onsite. In addition to the clinic, Project Homeless Connect gave guests access to over 130 service providers. Those services included expungement of court records, issuance of City IDs, social security cards, birth certificates, haircuts, family portraits, and access to a résumé lab.

The United Way of Central Maryland conducts this annual event. This year six DGS Administration and Facilities Maintenance staff members attended: Varghese Paranilam, Nia Brown, Jackson Gilman-Forlini, Tereina Galloway, Leandre Bowling, and Olivia Baker.

“My experience at the United Way’s Project Homeless Connect was very rewarding,” said Nia Brown. “I was granted an opportunity to assist individuals who are or are not economically, socially, and behaviorally equipped with supportive resources due to their present circumstances. I would certainly participate in any effort at the next event to give back to those who are less fortunate.”

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