Congratulations Azza Rizkallah: DGS’s Employee of the Month Recipient for November 2017!

Congratulations to Azza Rizkallah, DGS’s November Employee of the Month! She has worked for the Department since 2010. Azza has worked her entire City career with the Department of General Services and the Major Projects Division.

Azza’s first job with DGS was as an assistant to the Deputy Director. She joined Major Projects when the Chief of Major Projects, at the time, offered her a position on the team. Azza felt working with Major Projects would allow her to positively affect the daily lives of City Employees just like her. She is committed to the work of Major Projects “… which is keeping the City buildings in good shape to provide healthy workplaces and better work life for my coworkers.”

When she isn’t at work she loves baking and cooking. She also loves watching sports and is a huge Ravens fan. Azza is married with four kids. She has three daughters and one son who is the youngest of the bunch at 13. Her oldest girls are twins; and will graduate college this year as civil engineers. Az- za’s middle daughter is in her first year studying Bioengineering/ medical track in College Park.

Currently, Azza is tackling a big challenge: she has ten projects going on concurrently and must keep track of every detail and meet all their respective deadlines. What gives her satisfaction in her work is the balance of so many tasks and never missing a deadline.

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