DGS BPIO Python Meet Up

This past Friday, DGS's Business Process Improvement Office hosted a Python for City Government Process Improvement Meet Up. This is a meet up in a series that comes together on the first Friday of every month, to discuss and foster efficient data processing for City Governments through the program Python. The meet up is structured around discussions and hands-on coding to help the group problem solve and gain new insight on the power of Python in data processing. The meet up brought in over 20 people from Baltimore City Agencies (DGS, DPW, Budget Office and MOIT) and other non-government organizations (Baltimore Corps, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions).

There were three speakers at the meet up that discussed Python’s successes in real-world practices.  Seth Pitts, a Johns Hopkins Clinical Researcher, discussed his use of Python programming to automate clinical research study information and statistical analysis. DGS’s own David Martin spoke on a case study that uses Python programming to reorganize DGS Fleet maintenance information that condenses data and simplifies future analysis. While Frank Johnson, Baltimore City Chief Information Officer, discussed his vision for expanding tech and the demands for computer science education and careers in Baltimore City.

The meetup ended in peer coding groups to give attendees the chance to work on the skills Seth Pitt and David Martin talked about in their presentations.

If you are interested in learning more about DGS's BPIO Office, click here.

Or, if you are interested in attending, or speaking at, a future Meet-Up hosted by BPIO, click here.

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