Congratulations Vetran Johnson DGS’s Employee of the Month Recipient for December 2017!

Vetran Johnson

Congratulations to Vetran Johnson, the DGS December 2017 Employee of the Month! Vetran Johnson has been working for DGS for the past 7 years and 3 months. Since he joined the DGS family he has been a Fleet mechanic in the welding shop.

Vetran loves the art of welding and knows it’s crucial to the maintenance of the City’s vehicles. He possesses a technical and skillful touch that is required for repairing trucks, cruisers, and snow plows.Vetran takes great pride in his work. He comes to work each day with a “get it done” mentality. Vetran makes sure that he performs quality work, understanding that it is a reflection of him, the welding shop, and DGS.

In his free time, Vetran enjoys spending time with his family and is committed to his wife and three children, ages 20, 17, and 5. He lives in Baltimore City.

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