Employee of the Month February 2018

Congratulations to Aaron Lee, the DGS February 2018 Employee of the Month! Aaron Lee has been working for DGS for 16 years. He joined DGS when he was 16 years old in an apprenticeship program in collaboration with Carver Vocational Tech School. Mr. Lee works at the Calverton Road Substation as an Automotive Supervisor I.

Mr. Lee’s nominator said “I have, in the past 3 years, watched [Aaron] grow from being an Automotive Mechanic to a Lead Mechanic, to his current role…He has, during the month of January, been working with the Mayor’s Office in an initiative to get homeless individuals off the street during extremely cold weather. [He] drives around certain parts of the City in the evenings, pick up homeless individuals and transport them to designated shelter locations.” Mr. Lee leads by example and, while maintaining an air of approachability and friendship, also leads firmly. He performs at a level that surpasses individuals who have had significantly more years to learn their role.

Aaron Lee is also a graduate of the Department’s Lead to Succeed program and is a rapidly rising star. He is all about growth in the City and cares deeply for his three children, ages 11, 9, and 6. When he is not at work, Mr. Lee enjoys spending time with his kids, riding his motorcycle, and playing basketball.

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