DGS All Stars

The DGS Accounts Payable Team of Troy Parrish, Rose Carter, Garrett Knight, Forest Hinton, and Krystal Roberts-Saunders were honored as DGS All-Stars for the robust efforts to promptly process and retire invoices received by DGS. In 2015 vendors were not being paid in a timely manner and business practices suffered. Delays produced unhappy vendors who may have considered the City less reliable partners and became less willing to engage future bid opportunities. Many vendors are a small business that cannot absorb delays in their cash flow which can be negatively impacted based on the duration of payments. These problems can compound, resulting in lower competition and higher costs for City contracts. The Accounts Payable Team committed themselves to improving the DGS payment process, reducing the duration of payments, and markedly increasing on-time vendor payments from FY15 to FY17. Based on their collective efforts the average number of days to make payments improved, decreasing the time from 47 to 30 days while expanding the percentage of vendors paid on time from 49% to 79%.

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