8 Things about Chichi Nyagah-Nash

Chichi Headshot

DGS says goodbye to our deputy chief at Fleet, Chichi Nyagah-Nash. Although she will be missed, we are excited to see her continue to do great work for Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development. 

1. Graduated high school and summited Africa’s highest mountain (Kilimanjaro) at 16.

2. Grandfather, Jeremiah Nyagah, was a member of the Legislative Council that participated in the Lancaster House Conferences in England, at which Kenya’s constitutional framework and independence were negotiated.

3. Serves as Board President at Friends of Great Kids Farm and as an Advisory Board Member at Business Volunteers of MD. 

4. Before DGS, Chichi was Director of Special Projects and Community Relations at the Baltimore Grand Prix. Her biggest race-day accomplishment was running Event Control which is the communications hub for events staff, emergency personnel, and Indycar race control room.

5. Chichi worked in DGS’s Fleet Management Division for 6 years. Her accomplishments include playing a key role in the creation and implementation of the Master Lease and gainsharing programs. Both are unique, innovative and potentially transformative initiatives.

6. Chichi will be DHCD’s Director of Special Projects, working directly with the Commissioner and Chief of Staff to manage cross-organizational initiatives and identify opportunities for operational improvements.

7. She has held an 8-foot python.

8. Her two dogs and cat are the reigning “DGS Cutest Pet Contest” champions.


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