Youthworks comes to a close at DGS

YW Students

DGS completed another successful summer with the City’s Youthworks Program!

YouthWorks connects thousands of young people between the ages of 14 and 21 to summer jobs with private, nonprofit, and city and state government employers throughout Baltimore. Participants work in a variety of industries and gain basic workforce readiness and career-specific skills. This year, more than 8,500 youth and young adults were offered summer jobs at one of more than 900 worksite locations across Baltimore.

Twelve YouthWorks students joined three of DGS’s divisions for six weeks of job experience and hands-on training. When asked what advice they would give another teen looking to participate in Youthworks, the students agreed that one should be specific about what one wants to do, be assertive, advocate for yourself, and have an open mind. When reflecting on the program, the students shared something they each learned. One student, working in Facilities Maintenance learned how to put up drywall, while another had fun passing tools and learning from our building repairers. In Administration, one student learned multi-tasking and how to balance two roles at once. Lastly, one student with Fleet Management said they were going to miss working at Central Garage, and hopes to participate in the apprenticeship program. Thank you to all DGS staff who marked their United Way donations for Youthworks during last winter’s fundraising campaign, your donations matter.


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