Congratulations Chuck Knecht: DGS’ October 2018 Employee of the Month


Congratulations to Chuck Knecht, the DGS October 2018 Employee of the Month! Chuck is an Environmental Technician in our Facilities Maintenance Division and has been with the Department of General Services for two years. Chuck’s ability to work well under pressure and willingness to take on extra duties makes him deserving of this month’s recognition.

Several months of heavy and unusual rain events tasked FMD with a great number of weather-related building issues. Increased responsibility was placed upon FMD staff and Chuck performed admirably under the pressure of working simultaneously in several properties while maintaining daily monitoring. Not only did he attend to each complaint, but he went a step further to conduct additional assessments to determine the source of the issues and provide long term resolutions.

While working one evening to oversee a contractor on the 4th floor of City Hall, it began to rain heavily and Chuck took it upon himself to check a location in the basement of the building which was known to leak. Water was indeed entering the building, but we were able to have a contractor on-site to address the problem before others were even aware. If Chuck hadn’t taken the initiative, the damage could have been much worse.

Self motivated, Chuck took it upon himself to extract water from carpets in the City Hall tunnel without being asked. He regularly uses his own tools and supplies to complete jobs and is always willing to take on extra duties or responsibilities.
Thank you, Chuck, for your hard work. You are a great example of DGS commitment to getting things done!

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