Facilities Maintenance Installs First Changing Table in City Hall

Diaper Bill

Earlier this October, the City Council unanimously passed a “Diaper Changing Bill” that will require that changing tables be accessible within City buildings. Preemptive to the passing of the bill, DGS Facilities Maintenance Division installed the first diaper-changing station in City Hall, near the first-floor lactation room. The legislation only requires the amenity to be provided in new or renovated public restrooms. However, DGS is taking a pro-active, family-friendly approach by installing units in numerous City properties with hopes to create more safe and sanitary environments for staff and visitors to change their children’s diapers. Local media and Councilman Isaac “Yitzy” Schleifer were on-site as FMD staff installed the first unit. The Councilman retweeted the news coverage saying, “Thank you Baltimore DGS for expeditiously installing this changing station.”

Kudos to our Facilities Maintenance staff for their swift and high-quality work; you represented DGS well, thank you!

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