Facilities Completes Police Station Renovation

The Western District Police Station 2nd floor demolition and renovation concluded in November 2018. The project was designed by Carole Young and involved the complete renovation and substantial redesign of the entire 2nd floor. The project included the creation of a new open office area with space for 22 workstations, four new offices, a new locker room and shower for female officers, and the renovation of the male officers’ restroom.

The Facilities team and Baltimore Police Department hoped to make the building more inviting to the public and more accommodating to the officers, while maximizing the use of space. This project completes the comprehensive renovation of the Western Police District, complimenting the previous renovation of the first floor by DGS and a donor group. The Facilities Maintenance crew included Carole Young, Chuck Knecht, Paul Burgee, John Habicht, Jim Fisher, and Steve Stricklin. Great job team!

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