Peale Museum Roof Wins Award: Major Projects Division and Historic Properties Coordinate Roof Replacement

Peale Museum Rood Repair

Earlier this month DGS contractor, Ruff Roofers, received an award from the Building Congress & Exchange for the design and execution of roof repairs on the Peale Museum. The project was judged based on overall craftsmanship including the quality of work, complexity of both technical and design challenges and the level of difficulty with site conditions, constraints and time frame.

Shaquita Gause from the Major Projects Division managed the exterior restoration of the building which brought the building’s facade back to life. However, the roof of the building was still in need of attention. The roof was originally a copper standing seam roof that had rusted over the years, but it has been transformed from rust to a new color, "freedom grey." Jackson Gilman-Forlini from the Historic Properties office worked with the tenant to secure public and private funds to complete the work and helped to develop a design consistent with historic preservation standards.

DGS is proud to have orchestrated the restoration of the Peale, so it can continue to be a public space that brings important cultural currency to downtown Baltimore.

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