Deputy Director Chichi Nyagah-Nash

Chichi Nyagah-Nash has returned to DGS as our new Deputy Director. She started in the beginning of May.  Chichi began her career with DGS in 2012 and while the vast majority of her 6 years were at Fleet Management, she also worked for the Facilities Maintenance Division early on. As the Deputy Division Chief for Fleet Management, she was responsible for the implementation of the Gain Sharing program, the Master Lease, and helping to improve relationships between Fleet and our customer agencies.

Since leaving DGS, Chichi has held leadership roles in other agencies including the Department of Housing and Community Development and, most recently, the Department of Human Resources. Chichi also serves as the Board Chair of Friends of Great Kids Farm and is on the Advisory Board of Business Volunteers Maryland, both area non-profit organizations. Chichi has shown the ability to create and implement innovative solutions to many operations in the City.  When fully on board, she will be coming to visit with staff members so they can get to know her better.  

Let’s all welcome Chichi back into the DGS family!

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