The National Association of Counties (NACo) is pleased to grant Baltimore City a 2019 Achievement Award for its program titled “Fleet Gain Sharing Program” in the category of Financial Management. Due to its exceptional results and unique innovations, DGS’ program has been chosen to receive the honor of Best in Category!

In FY18, the Baltimore City Department of General Services implemented the City’s first gain sharing program. Known as the Fleet Gain Sharing Program, the initiative is a collaboration between DGS and the labor organizations representing fleet employees. Under the program, all fleet employees are encouraged and empowered to identify and implement operational changes that improve service and reduce costs. The program, which was developed and implemented in January 2018, concluded its first formal phase on December 31, 2018. The main purpose of gain sharing is to incentivize higher performance through structured involvement and employee participation. Costs are tracked, and a portion of avoided expenses are returned to employees as additional income. This program not only saves money for the government and makes money for its employees, but the allowance for more employee input improved work efficiency, morale, and innovation. 

Congratulations to the fleet and gain sharing teams on your national recognition and for promoting the betterment of county services and programs!

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