DGS Hosts Active Shooter Response Training For City Employees

According to a 2018 FBI report, there were 27 shootings designated as active shooter incidents. In the same report, the FBI stated that "...it is vital that citizens be afforded training, so they understand the risks they face and the options they have available when active shooter incidents are unfolding. "

The Baltimore Department of General Services always has Public Safety on their mind. We operate and provide services for approximately 100 facilities where Baltimore city employees operate. That's why on October 16, 2019, the DGS hosted a couple of 2-hour training sessions for Civilian Responses to Active Shooters. The training sessions were open to all Baltimore City workers who occupy City-owned buildings. Cliff Addison, the DGS Emergency Operations Coordinator, facilitated the event in partnership with crucial Public Safety agencies, including the Baltimore Police Department, the Baltimore Fire Department, and the Mayor's Office Emergency Management.

Representatives from each of the local emergency response agencies were present and gave brief informational presentations. The City Employees received essential, life-saving information and safety guidelines about how to respond in the event of an active shooter. Additional topics of discussion included evacuations, active shooter awareness, case studies and statistics related to active shooter events.

DGS hopes never to have the misfortune of experiencing an active shooter in any of our buildings. However, we have procedures and policies in place if such an event occurs. We also believe we must actively equip our building occupant and tenants with proper information and safety measures.

DGS will be hosting several additional Active Shooter response training and information session in November on the 12 and 13 and in December on the 9th and 12. For more information about future session reach out to Cliff Addison at cliff.addison@baltimorecity.gov.

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