Citron Hygiene Installs New Disposal Units in Abel Wolman Women's Restrooms

You can tell a lot about a person or an establishment based on their restrooms. It can be a reflection of an organization’s values and the level of customer service in some cases. In January of 2020, DGS leveled-up it’s bathroom stall interiors by installing the Essentia Menstrual Product Disposal units in all the women’s bathrooms throughout the Abel Wolman Building.

8th floor Stall with and without Citron disposal unit

The units were installed by Citron Hygiene last week to promote a safe and hygienic bathroom environment. They are used for menstrual and incontinent product disposal, and are relatively hands-free, making them more hygienic than the standard metal boxes found in most public restrooms.

Citron Hygiene will service the units bi-weekly, which includes sanitization of the units and removal of discarded waste. The discarded waste is then incinerated by Wheelabrator Technologies here in Baltimore, where it will be converted into renewable energy. A special Citron Hygiene “green science” within the disposal units eats away at bacteria, reducing any smells in-between service days.

DGS hopes that the disposal units in building restrooms will provide a more welcoming and sanitary environment for both employees and City visitors.

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